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Oceanside Residents Stood Together & City Council Heard Us

Previously, Oceanside short term rental rules favored corporate rental owners over neighbors – and commercial operators were gobbling up permits, with almost no enforcement by the City.  Last Night (April 24, 2024) the Mayor and City Council approved important restrictions on short term rentals – choosing to protect neighborhoods and residents.  

This is a big citywide win!



Survey Of Registered Oceanside Voters

SoCal Survey Research completed a poll of 400 registered voters in Oceanside on March 13, 2024. The results are clear: residents want the City Council to act to protect their neighborhoods from short-term vacation rentals.

Who We Are

Oceanside Residents & Neighbors 

Neighborhoods for Neighbors is a group of Oceanside residents that is encouraging our City Council to stop corporations from overtaking our neighborhoods with short-term vacation rentals (STRs). As municipalities all over the country better regulate how STRs fit into their housing future, it's time for Oceanside to take action, too.

The Problem

Corporate Short-Term Rentals 

We believe neighborhoods are for people and not corporations. In Oceanside, a few corporate interests have exploited Oceanside's loose regulations on STRs, and the result is now too many STRs in our neighborhoods. We are asking the Oceanside City Council to implement regulations to protect our neighborhoods.

Get Involved

Neighborhoods are for Neighbors

We need to work quickly to help our City Council members understand how residents feel about this issue and what we want for the future of our community. Join our efforts and we will keep you informed on how you can help, including attending public meetings, talking to your neighbors, writing postcards or putting a sign in your yard. 

Join Your Neighbors
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