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The Problem 

Currently, Oceanside short term rental rules favor corporate rental owners over neighbors – and commercial operators have gobbled up permits, with almost no enforcement by the City. Our focus is exclusively on our Residential only neighborhoods. We are not Anti-STR. We want to make sure that our permit holders are individuals that are local and responsible. 


Short term rental permits are issued a year at a time – no one has the right to profit forever on a speculative investment in a mini-hotel that is not permitted in a Residential Only zoning area. Some corporate owners have 80 properties under various names that add up to HUNDREDS of rooms for rent – and the City should never have granted them STR permits in a residential zone. Now, the City has the power to rollback the permits of bad actors who took advantage of the City’s initial STR regulations.

What do our Residents think?

SoCal Survey Research completed a poll of 400 registered voters in Oceanside on March 13, 2024. The results are clear: residents want the City Council to act to protect their neighborhoods from short-term vacation rentals.

We ask the City to take action to solve this problem by doing the following:

1) Recognize that a moratorium on STRs is not enough: We will still be left with the existing problem of too many corporate STRs in our neighborhoods.


2) Allow existing permits for corporate STRs to expire: Permits are issued for one year, and permittees are not guaranteed additional years.


3) Allow one STR per Oceanside resident: This allows residents full use of their property without inviting in corporate investors whose interests don't align with our community.

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