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Oceanside Planning Commission Meeting

What Happened in the Oceanside City Planning Commission Meeting on Monday?

Neighborhoods are for Neighbors, made a presentation for the City Planning Commission on Monday night, to set the record straight regarding misleading information provided by VRBO / Corporate Lobbyist for STRs.

The Planning Commission agreed with us and said “NO” to the City staff recommendation that would have allowed 50 more STRs in the R-1/CZ neighborhood. But we still have work to do - The Planning Commission did nothing to solve the problem of Corporate Short-Term Rentals already operating unlawfully in our residential only neighborhoods.   

Now we need your help at Oceanside City Council - It’s on to the City Council to make the final decision on STR policies in April. Corporate players are lobbying hard to protect their multi-million dollar annual revenues by scaring our local individual owners of STRs with false information.

Please click on the following link to send an email directly to the Oceanside City Council opposing Corporate STRs in residential-only neighborhoods: 



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