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Santa Ana, CA Bans Short-term Rentals... Why Not Oceanside?

As an Oceanside resident, watching other cities take action it's frustrating to see the City recommend adding another 50 short-term rental (STR) properties when it's clear that many of us want to reduce STRs in residential-only R-1/CZ zones.

OC Register Article = Santa Aan City Counsel Bans Short-term Rentals
OC Register Article = Santa Aan City Counsel Bans Short-term Rentals

Many of us moved to Oceanside for its peaceful residential character, and the proliferation of STRs is changing the fabric of our community. The City Council should prioritize the needs and wishes of residents over the interests of corporations looking to profit from short-term rentals in Oceanside's residential-only zones.

The suggestion to expand the number of STRs seems to directly disregard the concerns of residents about noise, parking problems, and the overall impact on our neighborhoods. It's disappointing that the council is not taking a more proactive approach to address these issues.

Instead of adding more STRs, they should be working to enforce existing regulations and consider stricter measures to limit their impact on our neighborhoods by:

  • Not renewing permits for 5+ Bedroom "homes" (5 Bed = 10 Person Occupancy)

  • Preventing corporations from developing mini-hotels.

  • Restricting permits to individual home owners, and preventing the transfer of permits (returning a property to the residential market after it is sold).

Oceanside is catching up to STR curve and beginning to understand how detrimental these operations can be to neighborhoods and the housing market. Residents should have a say in the future of our community, and it's time for the City Council to listen to our voices and take action to preserve the residential character of Oceanside.

Like to article in the Orange County Register is here:



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